About Bapatla Municipality

Commissioner FAC
P Venkateswara Rao

Bapatla Municipality is 1st Grade Municipality in the Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. It is spread over an area 17.92 Sq.Km., with a population of 70,777 (2011 census).
It is located 80Kms from Capital city and 55 Kms from District Headquarter. It was established as 3rd Grade Municipality in the year 1951 and it was handed and upgraded to 2nd Grade Municipality in the year 1969. There are 3 zones and 34 Election wards in this municipality.
Bapatla town is located at 150’54’N 800’29’E 150’55’N800’30’E.  Bapatla Town is situated between Guntur – Chirala Road. The road is under consideration to declare it as Highway from “Penumudi’’ bridge which was Constructed recently on the river Krishna near Repalle all along to prakasam District. Read More